Mexico City, May 17-20 | 2021

Technical and Roundtable Discussions

Currency Conference sponsors shared their expertise and solutions in brief presentations (10-15 minutes) at the Technical Discussion Center during coffee and lunch breaks.

Roundtable Discussions were hosted by various sponsors to discuss topics in workshop-style sessions for 40–45 minutes during lunch breaks.

Technical Discussion Center

These 10-minute presentations were scheduled during coffee breaks and lunches.

Banknote World Educational: Archiving the World’s Banknotes

Banknote World Educational was established as a non-profit website ( to bring thousands of free banknote images and information from around the globe. Our goal for this Discussion Center Presentation is to demonstrate how an online digital banknote archive can help central banks, exchange offices and its employees easily access all their banknotes in one convenient place. Banknotes allow a country to share their history, culture and national pride with the world. Our ultimate goal is to leverage this imaging service to help educate the world on each country’s own unique banknotes and the significance attached to each one. We serve thousands of visitors each year and we encourage new collectors to join and upload their collection to help expand our archive with old and new notes alike.

Mobile Money: Poster Child or Problem Child?

Mobile money networks continue to boom across Sub-Saharan Africa, with over 135 live services and 122 million active accounts at the end of 2017. But it’s not good news. Mobile penetration rates are slowing and the cost of mobile money transactions varies greatly between providers. The cash-in-cash-out agent network and hidden charges by telcos are often cited as barriers to growth of the industry. And the recent announcement that M-Pesa has partnered with high-cost international wire service Western Union will only compound the cost issues for Africa’s largest mobile money network.

This presentation will provide insight into the Mobile Money trends and what they mean for payments.

Counterfeit Analysis & Examination: Brand New Data Management Tool from CPS

One of the gaps in data capture is around counterfeit and mutilated note analysis, particularly the results of scientific analysis. In this session we will be launching the brand new Counterfeit Analysis & Examination module of our market-leading cash supply chain platform ECM™. This new capability provides central banks with a tool for the tracking and management of counterfeit and mutilated banknotes for analysis and investigation.

An Innovative Solution for Low Denomination Banknotes at the Coin-Note Boundary

Central Banks around the world often face a challenge at the coin-note boundary. Low denomination banknotes get stuck in circulation and are hard to repatriate to a central bank. These low denomination banknotes can cost the same or more than their face value. Both drivers these can create a pressure to coin low denomination. Unfortunately, coins are also expensive and can face low public acceptance. Spartan™ is a polymer banknote engineered for extreme durability and developed to be highly cost effective. In this presentation, CCL Secure will share with you more information on Spartan and how it can address your needs at the coin-note boundary.

Diavy Holographics: The Leading Supplier of Equipment and Services for the Banknote Industry

During this presentation, the history of Diavy will be covered and how it became the one-stop-shop for special machinery for banknotes, tax stamps and passport production. This presentation will focus on the main machine that has been specially built for the banknote production industry.

Trends in High Security Features from the Expert in Security Threads and Foils

The family-owned company HUECK FOLIEN, based in Austria, is an independent supplier of high security threads and foils to the banknote industry. The company’s products are in circulation in low, medium and high denomination banknotes as well as high security documents all over the world. The product portfolio includes all kind of ColorSwitch™ effects, Picture Thread®, DualTrack™, and high-security foils. The trends in the high security industry are perfectly met with the latest product developments of the R&D team of HUECK FOLIEN. Recently presented new products are the high security foil TRILUMIC® * – an authentication level 2 feature – and MULTIFLY® – a new technology in the banknote industry. The latest feature is Coactive Thread® – a unique combination of a color shift effect with a bright hologram.

* A trademark resulting from cooperation between HUECK FOLIEN and Banque de France

Moving the Note/Coin Boundary for Ukrainian Hryvnia: New 5 And 10 Hryvna Coins

National Bank of Ukraine will present on their current plan to move the coin-banknote boundary focusing on Ukrainian hryvnia 5 and 10. The presentation will showcase the benefits of using ZincSecure™, the latest zinc-based coin product technology developed by Jarden Zinc Products. This is the material being used for the new coins for Ukraine. ZincSecure™ provides superior security and high cost savings due to its unique electromagnetic signature and relatively low material cost. Mr Volodymyr Bahlai, Director General of the Banknote Printing and Minting Works of the National Bank of Ukraine, will be discussing the bank’s history on banknotes as well

The New Luminescence Sun Chemical Security

Bringing together a wealth of knowledge, the new Luminescence Sun Chemical Security company goes further in serving the banknote market with innovative solutions. Being part of the largest inks manufacturer in the world helps us to serve our customer better. Our continuous goal remains to keep cash secure, durable and relevant for the coming decades.


In today’s world, as consumers, we are continuously demanding more information about the products that we consume and the services that we use. Furthermore, we are digging deeper and wanting information about the sources of what we consume and the detailed conditions of services. At Oberthur Fiduciaire we seek to not only respond to that process in our industry but to lead it forward. If we look at the automotive industry, or if we buy a product on Amazon, we, as individuals can monitor the progress of our order online and be aware of the process and delivery date. Given the technological possibilities and the assurances of IT security, why should Central Banks not enjoy a similar service to what we as individual consumers expect? We think they should, and we have a solution to present – Oberthur Fiduciaire and Traceability.

Banknote Windows with Laser Technology: Techniques to Apply Security Features to Banknotes

The ability to industrialize the application of security features to banknotes comes hand in hand with the capacity to develop innovative solutions to banknote design.

By applying diverse modular lines to add level 1 security features to banknotes, security printers and banknote producers can create state-of-the-art features such as banknote windows by laser technology and foil stamping lines. Pasaban technology examples in the production of Europa series euro banknotes will be shared.

Cylinder Mould Watermarks: At the Heart of Banknote Security

As banknote security features continue to evolve, incorporating the latest technology and pushing the boundaries of innovation, one security feature remains unchallenged at the heart of banknote security – the cylinder mould watermark. Offering an unrivaled defense against counterfeiting, combined with a reputation as one of the most publicly recognized and easily authenticated features, it comes as no surprise Interpol continues to recommend the use of the humble watermark. But watermarks have come a long way since their origins over 700 years ago. We examine the latest advancements in cylinder mould watermarks; from multi-tonal images through to electrotypes and Textmark™ and how watermark technology has helped improve banknote strength and durability. We then turn our attention to what the future holds for the watermark, including looking at the latest global design trends and HD techniques.

Central Bank Digital Currency: A Financial Revolution

Central banks in more than 90 countries are investigating the issuance of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and while the benefits of this revolutionary technology for central banks are now prevalent, other implementation considerations remain obscure. What draws the line between anonymity and authority in CBDCs, how will they provide for new use cases, products and services in an economy, and how do they present a robust implementation paradigm? In this presentation, ProgressSoft reveals the core features of CBDC that central banks should seek in their investigative endeavor and introduces its own Blockchain-based CBDC solution, PS-CBDC, an advanced, secure form of CBDC that maintains a one-to-one exchange rate with national currency.

Celebrating with Coins

For over 20 years, the Royal Canadian Mint has been using alternative designs, both with and without color, to celebrate Canada’s most important achievements and milestones. In 2017, to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, the program was expanded to the entire coins series, resulting in a series designed by the public, for the public. Over the last few years, other nations have begun to follow suit. This paper aims to show how countries such as New Zealand, UAE, the Eastern Caribbean, and many more are using coins to celebrate their achievements and generate seigniorage for the government.

Why Issuing Low Value Banknotes (Especially Plastic) is Clearly a Bad Idea

Many countries around the world issue very low value banknotes instead of coins. However, over the last few years, some Central Banks have decided to convert their low value notes to coins. This has resulted in huge cost savings for the Banks, a reduction in the cost of labor for processing notes in vaults and a cleaner coin alternative in circulation. This presentation will also highlight how the increased use of plastic banknotes will harm our environment in the future.

Our Challenge to Integrate an OVD into Polymer Banknotes

Over the years, we, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., have brought innovative OVD technologies to market based on our proprietary origination technology using “Electron Beam Lithography.” In this session, we will provide an overview of our brand-new polymer banknote sample integrating our Nano-Edge™, Toppan's unique OVD based on the ultra-fine demetalization with printing design and a transparent window. Then, we will explore the future possibility to combine overt and covert technologies, and how they can be used in a banknote design. We will also introduce our high security IR absorption ink for offset printing in this session.

The Perpetual Importance of Foreign Currency Banknotes in the Current Global Scenario

Despite all the recent advancement of digital payment methods, the requirement for physical cash is increasing at least over 5% year over year. Cash remains the preferred payment method for travelers globally. Key points to be addressed in the presentation include:

  • How long this situation will continue?
  • Why there is a requirement for foreign currency globally?
  • How these foreign currencies are managed and what is the life cycle of the foreign currency banknotes?

Lineup and presentations subject to change.

Roundtable Discussions

A new feature for the 2019 Currency Conference, these informative lunchtime round-table discussions with leading industry suppliers allowed deeper engagement with the topics and provided an opportunity for delegates to connect with the industry to discuss needs and expectations, and to offer perspectives that could have a bearing on future product developments.

Cash – the Invisible Hero

Cash – the Invisible Hero, is a lunch time round table that will explore through a series of facilitated “discussions” led by Cash Services UK what the real level of consumer spending could be - because asking the right questions is key to creating the right answers.

While cash released into circulation is measurable, domestic use, activity in the grey economy, hoarding, and cash taken abroad can only ever be an estimate based on surveys and anecdote. This session will explore what makes people still use cash, its hidden life and whether it needs a “rebrand” by central banks to ensure its continued evolution.

The session will explore why consumers underestimate cash use and why cash will still be a strong active choice in 2030.

Maintaining Financial Inclusion While Going “Less-Cash”

A less-cash society appears to be very attractive for governments, with many governments from developing countries instituting various regulations and initiatives to encourage more digital payments. But moving to a less-cash society, where cash continues to dominate both the formal and informal economies, has its challenges. One significant challenge is that a less-cash society may financially excluded sections of the population and be further isolated as utilities and retailers start to refuse cash payments, as seen increasingly in several countries already on the less cash journey. Inclusive payment technologies that are accessible to every citizen will be necessary.

This interactive session will investigate barriers to financial inclusion in a rapidly developing payments environment and explore potential solutions.

How do You Keep Cash Relevant in Today’s Electronic World?

What happens in a world where the use of cash is declining? Why do people look to alternative forms of value transaction? What will keep cash as king? It is clear that the choice of payment options for consumers is going to increase and become more diversified. We as suppliers and issuers of cash have to accept that we will live in a world where a consumer has a choice of how they will pay and will most likely use a combination of different payment methods depending upon what they are buying and via what retail channel.

As we know, cash plays a key role in society ensuring financial inclusion enabling everyone to participate in the economy and cash cycle. If we want cash to remain relevant and continue to play its critical role in society we will need to innovate. We need to ensure that we provide a product to the public, which is easily understood, is trusted, functions in a more automated world, and is enjoyable to use.

This interactive round table discussion will explore how we might think differently about cash and how it is used to ensure it remains relevant in the payment ecosystem of the future. A group of panelists will share their thoughts on how the payment environment will evolve and what we can do to ensure cash remains relevant. Delegates will then have the opportunity to ask questions, provide differing perspectives, and debate the options and opportunities the future may bring.

Using Data To Drive Strategy | Cash Processing Solutions (CPS)

Data is a big topic in the industry. This interactive session will explore and discuss the ways in which central banks can collect data from across the cash cycle, and analyze that data in order to drive strategy.

New Options for Banknote Security Inks

Intended as a follow-up to Gerben van Wijk’s presentation of the same title in the preceding conference session, this was an interactive session facilitated by four members of the Luminescence Sun Chemical Security team, expanding on the themes of his talk. This will include how increased sophistication of new machine-readable features can help with security and functionality in an increasingly automated cash cycle. Questions and contributions will be welcomed and encouraged from the audience.